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We are experienced hoteliers’ for over 30 years having opened one of the very first “guest houses” when Jaisalmer’s began its tourism trade.  The changes from those days to now are many. But the traditional belief and practices inherent in ‘Welcoming a Guest into Our World” remain firm.

As a multicultural family, we bring a natural blending of cultures and  perspectives to our service and interactions. Our work and life has given us a rich understanding of what is important to travelers and how to create unique and memorable experiences. We look forward to joining with you to realize this.

Responsible Environmental Approach:

We have sought to create a healthy environment that blends into and respects the desert and its people who surround us through our daily practices on site. We strive to work on alternative energy sources and reduce our foot print in the desert area.

We maintain a car free environment within our lodging areas providing electric cars (no polluting petrol) for those needing transport. Whenever possible we locally source our products, use our own garden and cows to add to our food supply, recycle, compost, and practice water conservation methods. We join our neighbors in equitable water sharing practices with desert lakes. And we are excited with our recent efforts to build a cost effective windmill to enable us to utilize the natural wind resources of the desert.

Our lodging has been specifically designed to create an environment that departs from the usual hotel site and blends, instead, into the environment of which we are a part. Utilizing many of our neighboring villagers in our workforce we have incorporated traditional desert techniques in our construction including thatched roofs which are natural insulators and coolants.

Our bungalows are made of locally mined sandstone- that wonderful yellow stone which gives Jaisalmer it’s famous “golden city” name. It is not only beautiful but also energy conserving by naturally keeping the rooms cool in the desert heat and insulating them later when the desert temperatures dip at night.
Given the scarcity of wood we have sourced recycled teak for our beautiful doors and bespoke furniture. And our rooms interiors, adorned with sumptuous silks and satins, are recycled materials as well thanks to the plentiful and beautiful saris of many local women.